Nama dengan huruf t

 Daftar nama-nama yang tertulis dalam Alkitab dan arti nama-nama  bahasa Ibrani dan Yunani.

2382 Taanach who humbles thee; who answers thee
2383 Taanach-shilo breaking down a fig-tree
2384 Tabbath good; goodness
2385 Tabeal "Tabeel, good God"
2386 Taberah burning
2387 Tabitha clear-sighted; a roe-deer
2388 Tabor choice; purity; bruising
2389 Tabrimon good pomegranate; the navel; the middle
2390 Tadmor the palm-tree; bitterness
2391 Tahan beseeching; merciful
2392 Tahapenes secret temptation
2393 Tahath fear; going down
2394 Tahpenes standard; flight; temptation
2395 Tahrea anger; wicked contention
2396 Talitha-cumi "young woman, arise"
2397 Talmai my furrow; that suspends the waters; heap of water
2398 Tamah blotting or wiping out; smiting
2399 Tamar palm; palm-tree
2400 Tammuz abstruse; concealed; consumed
2401 Tanach same as Taanach
2402 Tanhumeth consolation; repentance
2403 Taphath distillation; drop
2404 Tappuah apple; swelling
2405 Tarah a hair; a wretch; one banished
2406 Taralah "searching out slander, or strength"
2407 Tarea howling; doing evil
2408 Tarpelites ravishers; succession of miracles
2409 Tarshish contemplation; examination
2410 Tarsus winged; feathered
2411 Tartak chained; bound; shut up
2412 Tartan a general (official title)
2413 Tatnai that gives; the overseer of the gifts and tributes
2414 Tebah murder; butchery; guarding of the body; a cook
2415 Tebaliah "baptism, or goodness, of the Lord"
2416 Tebeth "good, goodness (the tenth month of the Hebrews)"
2417 Tehinnah entreaty; a favor
2418 Tekel weight
2419 Tekoa trumpet; that is confirmed
2420 Telabib a heap of new grain
2421 Telah moistening; greenness
2422 Telassar taking away; heaping up
2423 Telem their dew; their shadow
2424 Telharsa suspension of the plow
2425 Tel-melah heap of salt
2426 Tema admiration; perfection; consummation
2427 Teman "Temani, the south; Africa; perfect"
2428 Terah to breathe; scent; blow
2429 Teraphim images; idols
2430 Tertius third
2431 Tertullus third
2432 Tetrarch governor of a fourth part
2433 Thaddeus that praises or confesses
2434 Thahash that makes haste; that keeps silence
2435 Thamah that blots out; that suppresses
2436 Tharah same as Terah
2437 Thebez muddy; eggs; fine linen or silk
2438 Thelasar same as Telassar
2439 Theophilus friend of God
2440 Thessalonica victory against the Thessalians
2441 Theudas flowing with water
2442 Thomas a twin
2443 Thummim perfection; truth
2444 Thyatira a perfume; sacrifice of labor
2445 Tibbath killing; a cook
2446 Tiberias good vision; the navel
2447 Tiberius the son of Tiber
2448 Tibni straw; hay
2449 Tidal that breaks the yoke; knowledge of elevation
2450 Tiglath-pileser that binds or takes away captivity
2451 Tikvah hope; a little line; congregation
2452 Tilon murmuring
2453 Timeus perfect; admirable; honorable
2454 Timnah forbidding
2455 Timnath image; figure; enumeration
2456 Timnath-heres "or Timnath-serah, image of the sun; numbering of t"
2457 Timon honorable; worthy
2458 Timotheus honor of God; valued of God
2459 Tiphsah passage; leap; step; the passover
2460 Tirhakah inquirer; examiner; dull observer
2461 Tiria searching out
2462 Tirshatha a governor
2463 Tirzah benevolent; complaisant; pleasing
2464 Tishbite that makes captive
2465 Titus pleasing
2466 Toah weapon; dart
2467 Tob good; goodness
2468 Tob-adonijah my good God; the goodness of the foundation of the
2469 Tobiah "Tobijah, the Lord is good"
2470 Tochen middle
2471 Togarmah which is all bone
2472 Tohu that lives; that declares
2473 Toi who wanders
2474 Tola worm; grub; scarlet
2475 Tolad a generation
2476 Tophel ruin; folly; without understanding
2477 Tophet a drum; betraying
2478 Trachonitis stony
2479 Troas penetrated
2480 Trophimus well educated; well brought up
2481 Tryphena delicious; delicate
2482 Tryphon masculine of Tryphena
2483 Tryphosa thrice shining
2484 Tubal the earth; the world; confusion
2485 Tubal-cain worldly possession; possessed of confusion
2486 Tychicus casual; by chance
2487 Tyrannus a prince; one that reigns
2488 Tyre "Tyrus, strength; rock; sharp"