Nama dengan huruf p

 Daftar nama-nama yang tertulis dalam Alkitab dan arti nama-nama  bahasa Ibrani dan Yunani.

1919 Paarai opening
1920 Padan-aram cultivated field or table-land
1921 Padon his redemption; ox-yoke
1922 Pagiel "prevention, or prayer, of God"
1923 Pahath-Moab ruler of Moab
1924 Pai "Pau, howling; sighing"
1925 Palal thinking
1926 Palestina which is covered; watered; or brings and causes ru
1927 Pallu marvelous; hidden
1928 Palti deliverance; flight
1929 Paltiel "deliverance; or banishment, of God"
1930 Pamphylia a nation made up of every tribe
1931 Paphos "which boils, or is very hot"
1932 Parah a cow; increasing
1933 Paran beauty; glory; ornament
1934 Parbar a suburb
1935 Parmashta a yearling bull
1936 Parmenas "that abides, or is permanent"
1937 Parnach "a bull striking, or struck"
1938 Parosh a flea; the fruit of a moth
1939 Parshandatha given by prayer
1940 Paruah flourishing; that flies away
1941 Pasach thy broken piece
1942 Pasdammin portion or diminishing of blood
1943 Paseah passing over; halting
1944 Pashur that extends or multiplies the hole; whiteness
1945 Patara trodden under foot
1946 Pathros "Pathrusim, mouthful of dough; persuasion of ruin"
1947 Patmos mortal
1948 Patrobas paternal; that pursues the steps of his father
1949 Pau same as Pai
1950 Paul small; little
1951 Paulus same as Paul
1952 Pedahzur strong or powerful savior; stone of redemption
1953 Pedaiah redemption of the Lord
1954 Pekah he that opens; that is at liberty
1955 Pekahiah it is the Lord that opens
1956 Pekod noble; rulers
1957 Pelaiah the Lord's secret or miracle
1958 Pelaliah entreating the Lord
1959 Pelatiah let the Lord deliver; deliverance of the Lord
1960 Peleg division
1961 Pelethites judges; destroyers
1962 Pelonite falling; secret
1963 Peniel face or vision of God; that sees God
1964 Peninnah pearl; precious stone; the face
1965 Pentapolis five cities
1966 Pentateuch the five books of Moses
1967 Pentecost fiftieth
1968 Penuel same as Peniel
1969 Peor hole; opening
1970 Perazim divisions
1971 Peresh horseman
1972 Perez divided
1973 Perez-Uzza "division of Uzza, or of strength"
1974 Perga very earthy
1975 Pergamos height; elevation
1976 Perida separation; division
1977 Perizzites dwelling in villages
1978 Persia that cuts or divides; a nail; a gryphon; a horsema
1979 Persis same as Persia
1980 Peruda same as Perida
1981 Peter a rock or stone
1982 Pethahiah the Lord opening; gate of the Lord
1983 Pethuel mouth of God; persuasion of God
1984 Peulthai my works
1985 Phalec same as Peleg
1986 Phallu "Pallu, admirable; hidden"
1987 Phalti Palti "deliverance, flight"
1988 Phanuel face or vision of God
1989 Pharaoh that disperses; that spoils
1990 Pharez division; rupture
1991 Pharisees set apart
1992 Pharpar that produces fruit
1993 Phebe shining; pure
1994 Phenice "Phoenicia, red; purple"
1995 Phichol "the mouth of all, or every tongue"
1996 Philadelphia love of a brother
1997 Philemon who kisses
1998 Philetus amiable; beloved
1999 Philip warlike; a lover of horses
2000 Philippi "same as Philip, in the plural"
2001 Philistines those who dwell in villages
2002 Philologus "a lover of letters, or of the word"
2003 Phinehas bold aspect; face of trust or protection
2004 Phlegon zealous; burning
2005 Phrygia dry; barren
2006 Phurah "that bears fruit, or grows"
2007 Phygellus fugitive
2008 Phylacteries things to be especially observed
2009 Pi-beseth abode of the goddess Bahest or Bast
2010 Pi-hahiroth the mouth; the pass of Hiroth
2011 Pilate armed with a dart
2012 Pinon pearl; gem; that beholds
2013 Piram a wild ass of them
2014 Pirathon his dissipation or deprivation; his rupture
2015 Pisgah hill; eminence; fortress
2016 Pisidia pitch; pitchy
2017 Pison changing; extension of the mouth
2018 Pithom their mouthful; a dilatation of the mouth
2019 Pithon mouthful; persuasion
2020 Pochereth cutting of the mouth of warfare
2021 Pontius marine; belonging to the sea
2022 Pontus the sea
2023 Poratha fruitful
2024 Potiphar bull of Africa; a fat bull
2025 Potipherah "that scatters abroad, or demolishes, the fat"
2026 Prisca ancient
2027 Priscilla same as Prisca
2028 Prochorus he that presides over the choirs
2029 Puah mouth; corner; bush of hair
2030 Publius common
2031 Pudens shamefaced
2032 Pul bean; destruction
2033 Punites beholding; my face
2034 Punon precious stone; that beholds
2035 Pur "Purim, lot"
2036 Putiel God is my fatness
2037 Puteoli sulphureous wells