Nama dengan huruf m

 Daftar nama-nama yang tertulis dalam Alkitab dan arti nama-nama  bahasa Ibrani dan Yunani.

1571 Maachah pressed down; worn; fastened
1572 Maachathi broken
1573 Maadai pleasant; testifying
1574 Maadiah pleasantness; the testimony of the Lord
1575 Maai belly; heaping up
1576 Maale-akrabbim ascent of scorpions
1577 Maarath den; making empty; watching
1578 Maaseiah the work of the Lord
1579 Maasiai "the defense, or strength, or trust of the Lord"
1580 Maath wiping away; breaking; fearing; smiting
1581 Maaz wood; wooden
1582 Macedonia burning; adoration
1583 Machbenah "Machbanai, poverty; the smiting of his son"
1584 Machi poor; a smiter
1585 Machir selling; knowing
1586 Machnadebai smiter
1587 Machpelah double
1588 Madai a measure; judging; a garment
1589 Madian judgment; striving; covering; chiding
1590 Madmannah measure of a gift; preparation of a garment
1591 Madon a chiding; a garment; his measure
1592 Magbish excelling; height
1593 Magdala tower; greatness
1594 Magdalene a person from Magdala
1595 Magdiel declaring God; chosen fruit of God
1596 Magog covering; roof; dissolving
1597 Magor-missabib fear on every side
1598 Magpiash a body thrust hard together
1599 Mahalah "Mahalath, sickness; a company of dancers; a harp"
1600 Mahaleleel praising God
1601 Mahali infirmity; a harp; pardon
1602 Mahanaim tents; two fields; two armies
1603 Mahanehdan tents of judgment
1604 Mahanem a comforter
1605 Maharai hasting; a hill; from a hill
1606 Mahath same as Maath
1607 Mahavites declaring a message; marrow
1608 Mahaz an end; ending; growing hope
1609 Mahazioth seeing a sign; seeing a letter
1610 Maher-shalal-hash-baz making speed to the spoil; he hastens to the prey
1611 Mahlah "Mahli, Mahlon, same as Mahali"
1612 Makas same as Mahaz
1613 Makheloth assemblies; congregations
1614 Makkedah worshiping; burning; raised; crookedness
1615 Malachi my messenger; my angel
1616 Malcham "Malchom, their king; their counselor"
1617 Malchiah "Malchijah, the Lord my king, or my counselor"
1618 Malchiel "God is my king, or counselor"
1619 Malchus "my king, kingdom, or counselor"
1620 Maleleel same as Mahaleleel
1621 Mallothi fullness; circumcision
1622 Malluch reigning; counseling
1623 Mammon riches
1624 Mamre rebellious; bitter; set with trees
1625 Manaen a comforter; a leader
1626 Manahethites my lady; my prince of rest
1627 Manasseh forgetfulness; he that is forgotten
1628 Manoah rest; a present
1629 Maon house; place of sin
1630 Mara "Marah, bitter; bitterness"
1631 Maralah sleep; a sacrifice of myrrh; ascension
1632 Maranatha the Lord is coming
1633 Marcus polite; shining
1634 Mareshah from the beginning; an inheritance
1635 Mark same as Marcus
1636 Maroth bitterness
1637 Marsena bitterness of a bramble
1638 Martha who becomes bitter; provoking
1639 Mary same as Miriam
1640 Mash same as Meshech
1641 Mashal a parable; governing
1642 Masrekah whistling; hissing
1643 Massa a burden; prophecy
1644 Massah temptation
1645 Matred wand of government
1646 Matri rain; prison
1647 Mattan "Mattana, Mattenai, gifts; rains"
1648 Mattaniah "gift, or hope, of the Lord"
1649 Mattatha his gift
1650 Mattathias the gift of the Lord
1651 Matthan same as Mattan
1652 Matthanias same as Mattaniah
1653 Matthal gift; he that gives
1654 Matthew given; a reward
1655 Matthias "Mattithiah, same as Mattathias"
1656 Mazzaroth the twelve signs of the zodiac
1657 Meah a hundred cubits
1658 Mearah den; cave; making empty
1659 Mebunnai son; building; understanding
1660 Mecherath selling; knowledge
1661 Medad he that measures; water of love
1662 Medan judgment; process
1663 Medeba waters of grief; waters springing up
1664 Media measure; habit; covering
1665 Megiddo his precious fruit; declaring a message
1666 Megiddon same as Megiddo
1667 Mehetabel how good is God
1668 Mehida a riddle; sharpness of wit
1669 Mehir a reward
1670 Mehujael who proclaims God
1671 Mehuman making an uproar; a multitude
1672 Mejarkon the waters of Jordan
1673 Mekonah a foot of a pillar; provision
1674 Melatiah deliverance of the Lord
1675 Melchi my king; my counsel
1676 Melchiah God is my king
1677 Melchi-shua king of health; magnificent king
1678 Melchizedek king of justice
1679 Melea supplying; supplied
1680 Melech king; counselor
1681 Melita affording honey
1682 Mellicu his kingdom; his counselor
1683 Melzar "circumcision of a narrow place, or of a bond"
1684 Memphis abode of the good
1685 Memucan impoverished; to prepare; certain; true
1686 Menahem comforter; who conducts them; preparation of heat
1687 Menan numbered; rewarded; prepared
1688 Mene who reckons or is counted
1689 Meonenim "charmers, regarders of times"
1690 Mephaath "appearance, or force, of waters"
1691 Mephibosheth out of my mouth proceeds reproach
1692 Merab he that fights or disputes
1693 Meraioth bitterness; rebellious; changing
1694 Merari bitter; to provoke
1695 Mercurius an orator; an interpreter
1696 Mered "rebellious, ruling"
1697 Meremoth bitterness; myrrh of death
1698 Meres defluxion; imposthume
1699 Meribah dispute; quarrel
1700 Meribbaal he that resists Baal; rebellion
1701 Merodach bitter contrition
1702 Merodach-baladan "bitter contrition, without judgment"
1703 Merom eminences; elevations
1704 Meronothite my singing; rejoicing; bearing rule
1705 Meroz "secret, leanness"
1706 Mesha burden; salvation
1707 Meshach that draws with force
1708 Meshech who is drawn by force
1709 Meshelemiah "peace, or perfection, of the Lord"
1710 Meshezaheel God taking away; the salvation of God
1711 Meshillamith peaceable; perfect; giving again
1712 Meshullam peaceable; perfect; their parables
1713 Mesobaite the Lord's standing-place; a little doe
1714 Mesopotamia between two rivers
1715 Messiah anointed
1716 Metheg-ammah bridle of bondage
1717 Methusael who demands his death
1718 Methusaleh he has sent his death
1719 Meunim dwelling-places; afflicted
1720 Mezahab gilded
1721 Miamin the right hand
1722 Mibhar chosen; youth
1723 Mibsam smelling sweet
1724 Mibzar defending; forbidding; taking away
1725 Micah poor; humble
1726 Micaiah who is like to God?
1727 Micha same as Micaiah
1728 Michaiah "Michael, same as Micah"
1729 Michal who is perfect?
1730 Michmach he that strikes
1731 Michmethah the gift or death of a striker
1732 Michri selling
1733 Michtam golden psalm
1734 Middin judgment; striving
1735 Midian judgment; covering; habit
1736 Migdalel tower of God
1737 Migdalgad tower compassed about
1738 Migdol a tower
1739 Migron fear; farm; throat
1740 Mijamin right hand
1741 Mikloth little wants; little voices; looking downward
1742 Minneiah possession of the Lord
1743 Milalai circumcision; my talk
1744 Milcah queen
1745 Milcom their king
1746 Miletum red; scarlet
1747 Millo fullness
1748 Miniamin right hand
1749 Minni reckoned; prepared
1750 Minnith same as Minni
1751 Miriam rebellion
1752 Mishael who is asked for or lent
1753 Mishal parables; governing
1754 Misham their savior; taking away
1755 Misheal requiring; lent; pit
1756 Mishma hearing; obeying
1757 Mishmannah fatness; taking away provision
1758 Mishraites spread abroad
1759 Mispar "Mispereth, numbering; showing; increase of tribute"
1760 Misrephoth-maim hot waters
1761 Mithcah sweetness; pleasantness
1762 Mithnite loin; gift; hope
1763 Mithredath breaking the law
1764 Mitylene purity; cleansing; press
1765 Mizar little
1766 Mizpah "Mizpeh, a watch-tower; speculation"
1767 Mizraim tribulations
1768 Mizzah defluxion from the head
1769 Mnason a diligent seeker; an exhorter
1770 Moab of his father
1771 Moladah birth; generation
1772 Molech "Moloch, king"
1773 Molid nativity; generation
1774 Mordecai contrition; bitter; bruising
1775 Moreh stretching
1776 Moriah bitterness of the Lord
1777 Moserah "Moseroth, erudition; discipline"
1778 Moses taken out; drawn forth
1779 Mozah unleavened
1780 Muppim out of the mouth; covering
1781 Mushi "he that touches, that withdraws or takes away"
1782 Myra I flow; pour out; weep
1783 Mysia criminal; abominable