Nama dengan huruf h

 Daftar nama-nama yang tertulis dalam Alkitab dan arti nama-nama  bahasa Ibrani dan Yunani.

941 Haahashtari a runner
942 Habaiah the hiding of the Lord
943 Habakkuk he that embraces; a wrestler
944 Habazinaiah a hiding of the shield of the Lord
945 Habor a partaker; a companion
946 Hachaliah who waits for the Lord
947 Hachilah my hope is in her
948 Hachmoni a wise man
949 Hadad joy; noise; clamor
950 Hadadezer beauty of assistance
951 Hadadrimmon invocation to the god Rimmon
952 Hadar power; greatness
953 Hadarezer same as Hadadezer
954 Hadashah news; a month
955 Hadassah a myrtle; joy
956 Hadid rejoicing; sharp
957 Hadlai loitering; hindering
958 Hadoram their beauty; their power
959 Hadrach point; joy of tenderness
960 Hagab "Hagabah, a grasshopper"
961 Hagar a stranger; one that fears
962 Haggai feast; solemnity
963 Haggeri "Haggi, a stranger"
964 Haggiah the Lord's feast
965 Haggith rejoicing
966 Hakkatan little
967 Hakkoz a thorn; summer; an end
968 Hakupha a commandment of the mouth
969 Halah a moist table
970 Halak part
971 Halhul grief; looking for grief
972 Hali sickness; a beginning; a precious stone
973 Hallelujah praise the Lord
974 Halloesh saying nothing; an enchanter
975 Ham hot; heat; brown
976 Haman noise; tumult
977 Hamath anger; heat; a wall
978 Hamath-zobah "the heat, or the wall, of an army"
979 Hammedatha he that troubles the law
980 Hammelech a king; a counselor
981 Hammon heat; the sun
982 Hamonah his multitude; his uproar
983 Hamon-gog the multitude of Gog
984 Hamor an ass; clay; dirt
985 Hamoth indignation
986 Hamul godly; merciful
987 Hamutal the shadow of his heat
988 Hanameel the grace that comes from God; gift of God
989 Hanan full of grace
990 Hananeel "grace, or gift, of God"
991 Hanani my grace; my mercy
992 Hananiah grace; mercy; gift of the Lord
993 Hanes banishment of grace
994 Haniel the gift of God
995 Hannah gracious; merciful; he that gives
996 Hannathon the gift of grace
997 Hanniel grace or mercy of God
998 Hanoch dedicated
999 Hanun gracious; merciful
1000 Hapharaim searching; digging
1001 Hara a hill; showing forth
1002 Haradah well of great fear
1003 Haran mountainous country
1004 Harran see Charran
1005 Harbonah his destruction; his sword
1006 Hareph winter; reproach
1007 Harhas anger; heat of confidence
1008 Harhaiah "heat, or anger, of the Lord"
1009 Harhur made warm
1010 Harim destroyed; dedicated to God
1011 Harnepher the anger of a bull; increasing heat
1012 Harod astonishment; fear
1013 Harosheth a forest; agriculture; workmanship; deafness; sile
1014 Harsha workmanship; a wood
1015 Harum high; throwing down
1016 Harumaph destruction
1017 Haruphite slender; sharp
1018 Haruz careful
1019 Hasadiah the mercy of the Lord
1020 Hashabiah the estimation of the Lord
1021 Hashabnah "Hashabniah, the silence of the Lord"
1022 Hashem named; a putting to
1023 Hashub esteemed; numbered
1024 Hashubah estimation; thought
1025 Hashum silence; their hasting
1026 Hashupha spent; made base
1027 Hasrah wanting
1028 Hatach he that strikes
1029 Hathath fear
1030 Hatita a bending of sin
1031 Hattil howling for sin
1032 Hattipha robbery
1033 Hattush forsaking sin
1034 Hauran a hole; liberty; whiteness
1035 Havilah that suffers pain; that brings forth
1036 Havoth-jair the villages that enlighten
1037 Hazael that sees God
1038 Hazaiah seeing the Lord
1039 Hazar-addar an imprisoned generation
1040 Hazarenan imprisoned cloud
1041 Hazargaddah imprisoned band
1042 Hazar-hatticon middle village; preparation
1043 Hazarmaveth dwelling of death
1044 Hazar-shual a wolf's house
1045 Hazar-susah "or susim, the hay-paunch of a horse"
1046 Hazelelponi sorrow of countenance
1047 Hazeroth villages; palaces
1048 Hazezon-tamar drawing near to bitterness
1049 Hazo seeing; prophesying
1050 Hazor court; hay
1051 Heber one that passes; anger
1052 Hebrews descendants of Heber
1053 Hebron society; friendship
1054 Hegai "or Hege, meditation; word; groaning; separation"
1055 Helam their army; their trouble
1056 Helbah "Helbon, milk, fatness"
1057 Heldai "Heleb, Heled, the world; rustiness"
1058 Helek part; portion
1059 Helem dreaming; healing
1060 Heleph changing; passing over
1061 Helez armed; set free
1062 Heli ascending; climbing up
1063 Helkai same as Helek
1064 Helkath-hazzurim "the field of strong men, or of rocks"
1065 Helon window; grief
1066 Heman their trouble; tumult; much; in great number
1067 Hen grace; quiet; rest
1068 Hena troubling
1069 Henadad grace of the beloved
1070 Henoch same as Enoch
1071 Hepher a digger
1072 Hephzibah my delight is in her
1073 Heres the son; an earthen pot
1074 Heresh a carpenter
1075 Hermas "Hermes, Mercury; gain; refuge"
1076 Hermogenes begotten of Mercury
1077 Hermon anathema; devoted to destruction
1078 Herod son of a hero
1079 Herodion the song of Juno
1080 Heshbon invention; industry
1081 Heshmon a hasty messenger
1082 Heth trembling; fear
1083 Hethlon a fearful dwelling
1084 Hezekiah strength of the Lord
1085 Hezer "Hezir, a bog; converted"
1086 Hezrai an entry or vestibule
1087 Hezron the dart of joy; the division of the song
1088 Hiddai a praise; a cry
1089 Hiddekel sharp voice; sound
1090 Hiel God lives; the life of God
1091 Hierapolis holy city
1092 Higgaion meditation; consideration
1093 Hilen a window; grief
1094 Hilkiah God is my portion
1095 Hillel he that praises
1096 Hinnom there they are; their riches
1097 Hirah liberty; anger
1098 Hiram exaltation of life; a destroyer
1099 Hittite one who is broken; who fears
1100 Hivites wicked; wickedness
1101 Hizkijah the strength of the Lord
1102 Hobab favored; beloved
1103 Hobah love; friendship; secrecy
1104 Hod praise; confession
1105 Hodaiah the praise of the Lord
1106 Hodaviah "Hodiah, Hodijah, same as Hodaiah"
1107 Hodesh a table; news
1108 Hoglah his festival or dance
1109 Hoham woe to them
1110 Holon a window; grief
1111 Homam making an uproar
1112 Hophin he that covers; my fist
1113 Hor "who conceives, or shows; a hill"
1114 Horam their hill
1115 Horeb desert; solitude; destruction
1116 Horem an offering dedicated to God
1117 Hor-hagidgad the hill of felicity
1118 Hori a prince; freeborn
1119 Horims princes; being angry
1120 Hormah devoted or consecrated to God; utter destruction
1121 Horonaim angers; ragings
1122 Horonites "men of anger, or of fury, or of liberty"
1123 Hosah trusting
1124 Hosanna save I pray thee; keep; preserve
1125 Hosea "Hoshea, savior; safety"
1126 Hoshaiah the salvation of the Lord
1127 Hoshama heard; he obeys
1128 Hotham a seal
1129 Hothir excelling; remaining
1130 Hukkok engraver; scribe; lawyer
1131 Hul pain; infirmity
1132 Huldah the world
1133 Hupham their chamber; their bank
1134 Huppim a chamber covered; the sea-shore
1135 Hur liberty; whiteness; hole
1136 Huram their liberty; their whiteness; their hole
1137 Huri being angry; or same as Huram
1138 Hushah hasting; holding peace
1139 Hushai their haste; their sensuality; their silence
1140 Hushathite "Hushim, man of haste, or of silence"
1141 Huz counsel; woods; fastened
1142 Huzoth streets; populous
1143 Huzzab molten
1144 Hymeneus nuptial; the god of marriage