Nama dengan huruf c

 Daftar nama-nama yang tertulis dalam Alkitab dan arti nama-nama  bahasa Ibrani dan Yunani.

522 Cabbon as though understanding
523 Cabul displeasing; dirty
524 Caiphas he that seeks with diligence; one that vomiteth
525 Cain "possession, or possessed"
526 Cainan possessor; purchaser
527 Calah favorable; opportunity
528 Calcol nourishing
529 Caleb a dog; a crow; a basket
530 Caleb-Ephratah see Ephratah
531 Calneh our consummation
532 Calno our consummation; altogether himself
533 Calvary the place of a skull
534 Camon his resurrection
535 Cana zeal; jealousy; possession
536 Canaan merchant; trader; or that humbles and subdues
537 Candace who possesses contrition
538 Capernaum the field of repentance; city of comfort
539 Caphtor "a sphere, buckle, or hand"
540 Cappadocia the same as Caphtor
541 Carcas the covering of a lamb
542 Charchemish a lamb; as taken away; withdrawn
543 Careah bald; ice
544 Carmel circumcised lamb; harvest; full of ears of corn
545 Carmi my vineyard; lamb of the waters
546 Carpus fruit; fruitful
547 Carshena a lamb; sleeping
548 Casiphia money; covetousness
549 Casluhim hopes of life
550 Cedron black; sad
551 Cenchrea millet; small pulse
552 Cephas a rock or stone
553 Cesar a name applied to those who are cut out of the wom
554 Chalcol "who nourishes, consumes, and sustains the whole"
555 Chaldea "as demons, or as robbers"
556 Charran a singing or calling out
557 Chebar force or strength
558 Chedorlaomer roundness of a sheaf
559 Chelal as night
560 Chelub a basket
561 Chelluh all
562 Chelubai he altogether against me
563 Chemarims black ones
564 Chemosh handling; stroking; taking away
565 Chenaanah broken in pieces
566 Chenani my pillar
567 Chenaniah "preparation, or disposition, or strength, of the L"
568 Chephirah a little lioness
569 Cheran anger
570 Cherethims "Cherethites, who cut or tear away"
571 Cherith cutting; piercing; slaying
572 Chesed "as a devil, or a destroyer"
573 Chesil foolishness
574 Chesulloth fearfulness
575 Chidon a dart
576 Chiliab totality; or the perfection of the father
577 Chilion finished; complete; perfect
578 Chilmad teaching or learning
579 Chimham as they; like to them
580 Chios open; opening
581 Chisleu "Cisleu, Casleu, rashness; confidence"
582 Chislon "hope, trust"
583 Chisloth-tabor fears; purity
584 Chittem those that bruise; gold
585 Chloe green herb
586 Chorazin the secret; here is a mystery
587 Chozeba men liers in wait
588 Christ anointed
589 Chun making ready
590 Chushan-rishathaim blackness of iniquities
591 Chuza the seer or prophet
592 Cilicia which rolls or overturns
593 Cis same as Kish
594 Clauda a lamentable voice
595 Claudia "Claudius, lame"
596 Clement mild; good; merciful
597 Cleophas the whole glory
598 Cnidus age
599 Colhozeh every prophet
600 Colosse punishment; correction
601 Coniah strength of the Lord
602 Coos "top, summit"
603 Corinth which is satisfied; ornament; beauty
604 Cornelius of a horn
605 Cosam divining
606 Coz a thorn
607 Cozbi a liar; sliding away
608 Crescens growing; increasing
609 Crete carnal; fleshly
610 Crispus curled
611 Cush "Cushan, Cushi, Ethiopians; blackness"
612 Cuth "Cuthah, burning"
613 Cyprus fair; fairness
614 Cyrene a wall; coldness; the floor
615 Cyrenius who governs
616 Cyrus as miserable; as heir